Good Girls

Audrey Porter is a “good girl” a good student, a great daughter, an amazing friend. She’s also the last person anyone expects to be hanging out with Luke DeSalvio, the hottest guy at Audrey’s school. But Luke is a liar, a player, a dream, and Audrey knows it. She dumps him at her friend’s Halloween party with no intention of looking back. But everyone else is looking looking at a mysterious and humiliating photograph that has popped up on cell phones and computers. But who took it? And why? And how will she ever live it down?

Some people would say this is the story of a photograph. How it was taken, and what happened to me after the whole world saw it.

And it is.

But it’s also the story of a lot of other things. A boy so beautiful he’s like a punch to the throat. Best friends the outrageous old ones and the out-of-the-blue new. It’s about fishnets and eyebrow rings and a chick named Hamlet. Kick lines at lumber yards and conga lines at prom. Crying in cars and gazing at stars. Mistakes, misunderstandings and misconceptions. Good girls, bad boys, and everyone in between.

This is a story about love. Love for your family. Love for your friends. Love for yourself.

So, look at the picture all you want.

I am so much more than what you see.

Author’s Note: Because of some frank scenes, this book was intended for high school age students and older. If you’re wondering if this book is right for you, ask your mom what she thinks. No, really.


“…will leave readers with much to ponder.”
Publishers Weekly
“Free, in the main, from didacticism and moralising, and often very funny, this is a novel for the very mature teenager.”
The Irish Times
Good Girls is Judy Blume’s Forever for savvy and sophisticated 21st century readers…”
—Michael Cart, author and former YALSA president
“The honest tone and lack of moralizing are refreshing in this thought-provoking and realistic look at teenage sexuality.”
—Amanda MacGregor, Kliatt


An autumn 2006 Book Sense Pick
A 2007 ALA Quick Pick
A Reading Rants Top Ten Books for 2006
One of the New York Public Library’s Books for the Teenage

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